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Full surveying and reporting of Passive Fire Protection and remediation

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is a fundamental part of any buildings fire protection system and a key element of the Building Safety Act 2022 .  An effective Passive Fire Protection system is designed with the aim of surpressing the spread on fire at the point of origin.   A well maintained Passive Fire Protection system, working in conjuction with Active Fire Protection system give building owners and managers the confidence to plan for building occupants to exit the building in the event of a fire.   

The basis of an extensive PFP system should incorporate the following four key components,

  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Compartmentation
  • Opening Protection
  • Fire Stop Materials 

Osprey Contracts can offer a full services from survey and reporting through to remediation. 



Services Offered

Using our experience throughout our long standing history of projects as main contractor, Osprey Contracts can offer the following services. 

  • Full planning, maintenance and surveying of passive fire protection systems in occupied building to cause the minimum amount of disruption. 
  • Fire Door Surveys by NAFDI and FDIS qualified door surveyors. 
  • A bepoke cloud based reporting system designed in house for each individual project.  This ensures the key information can be shared with keystaker holders in real time across multipl buildings.
  • The capabilites to safety rectifiy any safety issues that occur following the routine surveys and maintenance of the Passive Fire Protection Systems. 


Continued commitment

Osprey develop excellent relationships with clients. This ensures that both the building owners and Osprey benefit. Osprey continue to care and provide maintenance and the owners trust and value our industry knowledge.

  • Continued assistance and commitment to our clients
  • The owners benefit from our knowledge of products and their building
  • Minimising disruption for tenants and staff as works are carried out.

For more information and expert advice about Passive Fire Protection, please get in touch.

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