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A1 façade replacement to this tall building in London’s Isle of Dogs

Giving peace of mind to flat owners

This prestigious development alongside the River Thames at London's Isle of Dogs required the removal of the EPS render, decks and spandrel panels, and a replacement with products to ensure an A1 building rating.

Providing render solutions

Many buildings were traditionally clad using Expanded Polystyrene Systems (EPS). This has been deemed combsutible and non-compliant on buildings over 18 metres high. To maintain the existing look of a building, clients are choosing to replace the existing EPS with mineral wool render solutions which offer an A1 or A2 rating. At Osprey, we find the thermal value of EPS and mineral wool is comparable and therefore we can manitain the façade depths avoiding the problems that an increase can cause.

  • Like for like aesthetic replacements
  • Direct fix solutions avoiding any cavity
  • Few thermal or condensation problems. 

Resident’s and owner’s peace of mind

Regardless of who foots the bill, when a building is deemed non-compliant it can be a concerning time for residents. A building's owners may also have problems with insurance and the value of their portfolio. In the meantime, both residents and owners will have problems with the sale of their assets until remediation is made.

  • Projects completed in a timely manner
  • Return the building to a safe space in which to live
  • Allows assets to be realised. 

    Reaching new heights

    With one of the buildings reaching 10 storeys, car parks to manage and with a large atrium to bridge, this was a challenging scaffold build. The logistics of maintaining resident and vehicle access when erecting large temporary works and management of the movement of materials round site, is a constant work in progress!

    • Full design and calculations for temporary works
    • Traffic management, site planning and logistics 
    • Maintaining tenant and third party communication

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