EPS Render Replacement Works - Ocean Wharf

Osprey Contracts EPS Render Replacement Works at Ocean Wharf

EPS render replacement works are continuing at our large project, Ocean Wharf. The first phase compromised 2500m2 of coloured render over two large blocks of up to 11 storeys. Osprey are renowned for their attention to detail and the Ocean Wharf project is no exception. The first phase has now been completed and the EWS1 certificates for each block have been signed off, freeing leaseholders from the weight of combustible cladding enveloping their building.

The EPS render replacement works began in Oct 2021, with Osprey’s experienced team making sure that all safety protocols were strictly followed during the project. After months of hard work, they have achieved a great result with minimal disruption to residents.

Commenting on the project, Osprey’s Managing Director said: “We are proud of our render replacement works project at Ocean Wharf and it's great to see our team work together so well to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We understand how important these works are for leaseholders so we made sure that we finished them as quickly as possible."

EPS Render Replacement at Ocean Wharf

EPS Render Replacement Works Continues to Plan

Works to the 2nd phase are continuing despite extra scope and material shortages, are set to be finished in June 2023. During this period, Osprey will ensure that the quality workmanship continues and we maintain our proactive approach to problem solving. Osprey are strong on resident and client communication which is essential when working in occupied buildings. 

The EPS render replacement works at Ocean Wharf demonstrate Osprey’s commitment to delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget but being flexible and adaptive to the extra scope which inevitably unfolds. Our dedication ensures that clients receive a safe and secure living environment during the works and we leave them with a safe and secure building for life.